Inktober! Drawlloween!

Hey gang!

Inktober and Drawlloween are right around the corner (tomorrow)! A month-long social media party that includes a drawing a day. Follow me on Instagram or Twitter to check out my stuff!

And this year, for the first time, I'm going to actually follow the "rules". Drawlloween has daily themes, and Inktober has prompts for each day, and I'll be interpreting those in my own special way.

Join in the fun and get drawing!

Skateboard Art Project

Here is my final piece for the Skateboard Art Project started by Jeral Tidwell. Jeral is an amazing illustrator from Kentucky that drew the blank deck design that everyone is adding their graphics to.

"JERAL TIDWELL , LANDYACHTZ LONGBOARDS , AND LAST GASP PUBLISHERS Have teamed up with over 200 artist to create old school skateboard art. The project was an open call to artist from all styles, mediums, and levels of insanity. Actual screen prints are sent out to each artist to use as their willing canvases for expressing their creative madness. All of the art will be collected and assembled into a kick ass book. Stay tuned."

D&D Sketch

Here's a quick sketch I did last night of my D&D group. We didn't play last night because some of our group are on I was itching for some monster-fighting.


Hi everyone! I'm super excited to be part of this year's MSP Comicon! I took the kids last year and realized it's something I just had to be a part of.

Stop on by Saturday or Sunday and say "Hi"! I'll have a few posters, some mini-comics, and tons of new sketch-cards for sale. (Check out my Instagram feed to see some of those.)

See you there!


Join me this Saturday at Craftstravaganza!

I'll be debuting a few new prints, and will have lots of old favorites Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in the Eco Experience Building. You can get more info HERE.

Come early and get a gift-bag! All gift-bags should have a free Lonny Unitus mini-print!

See you there!


Here's a little peek at a project from start to finish.



Looks like the all new Lonny Unitus website is up and running.

Things were a little iffy with DNS whatchamacalits etc... but looks like it worked. Yay!

Since it's so easy to update, I'm sure I'll be changing/adding things a bunch. Goodbye HTML and CSS. Coding is for the birds.